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The UNR-DRI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) seeks to protect and commercialize the Intellectual Property (IP) produced via research activities at both the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and Desert Research Institute (DRI), a process referred to as technology transfer.

Successful technology transfer often results in a business license or a start-up company. In addition to traditional technology transfer, the TTO carries out a number of other functions, such as working with faculty to facilitate their research activities and collaborations with other institutions and with commercial partners. The TTO also serves as an interface between UNR, DRI and the business community, including economic development efforts.

UNR’s instructional and research faculty provide a wide variety of world class expertise in areas such as environmental research and conservation, nanotechnology, molecular bioscience and biotechnology, health science, computer science, agricultural science, engineering, seismic engineering, mining engineering, high energy density, chemistry and physics. For more information about the University of Nevada, Reno, please visit UNR.

DRI has proven to be extremely responsive to the world’s changing priorities. Its research addresses environmental issues on a global scale and conducts studies on every continent in the world. DRI scientists and engineers generate leading-edge technologies for applications such as measuring windblown dust emissions and ultra-fine particles, quantifying light scattering from large particles in the atmosphere, modeling wind flow over complex terrain, and improved detection of icing conditions on airplane wings. For more information about DRI, please visit the website.

UNR and DRI encourage commercial development of inventions and innovative scientific works for the public use and benefit.

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