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Lasers Targeting Cancer

The technology physicists use to control and divert laser interactions into particle beams has largely been limited by the target which the laser must pass through. This problem has restricted the applications of lasers significantly. The flat targets currently being … Continue reading

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Looking at Nevada Researchers Through a Microscope

Currently when chemists look at a nano-agglomerates through a microscope they are only able to see the nano-agglomerates in two dimensions. Because of this, researchers must make some sort of assumption as to the depth of the nano-agglomerates. As with most anything … Continue reading

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Drilling for Profits

Geothermal has become an important source of green energy in recent years and Nevada is said to have enormous geothermal potential reserves. Energy from a geothermal power plant is generated by drilling into structures that bring this heat from the … Continue reading

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Caffé Fuel: How coffee could revolutionize biofuels

Plant-based biofuels have been researched and explored since the 19th century, but there has yet to be a reliable plant-based source of energy. Little did we know, the answer might have been in our hand this whole time. The University … Continue reading

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Ground Breaking Technology in Nevada

Excavators – also known as diggers or mechanical shovels – are used in a variety of applications including demolition, digging trenches and holes, forestry work, heavy lifting, open-pit mining, and landscaping.  Current excavators are controlled one joint at a time … Continue reading

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Looking to Cure Muscular Dystrophy

Approximately 600 boys are born Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy every year. Muscular dystrophy causes the muscles of affected children to tear and the body is unable to repair these torn muscles. As the diseases progresses it can eventually affect … Continue reading

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Nevada is Fighting Anthrax

The threat of Anthrax attacks, especially against government officials, has been significant for over ten years. Currently a blood culture must be taken in-order to determine whether someone has been infected with Anthrax. Blood cultures generally take three or four days … Continue reading

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